You can visit our Insurance Houses at the following locations.

Our portfolio is diverse and we can offer almost full range of insurance services for you personally and for your business as well. However, there are products that we love most, like are: Health, Motor, Property, Life Insurance, Medical Malpractice and Travel Insurance (In-bound and Out-bound)

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Those policyholders of ARDI Motor Insurance, who are eligible for the additional service of car wash, can enjoy with a high quality car wash service witth free of charge at 7 locations of Quick Wash chain in Tbilisi and other major cities of Georgia. To select the most convenient location for you, please see the full list

If you are interested to buy insurance for your business, please make an appointment with our professional insurance consultants. In you want to buy an individual health or travel insurance, you can do it online within less then 5 minutes. Please visit our e-commerce store. For any other queries or products, please send us your query at quality@ardi.ge

Yes, from the first day of their birth.

ARDI was founded on March 31, 2010

Our hotline 0322101010 is at your disposal during 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including all public holidays.
If your prefer more formal communication, please write us at quality@ardi.ge or just simply make a friendly chat with us through the chatbox below.

We always try to delight our customers beyond the regular insurance services covered by the insurance policy. You can find all our active promotions and exclusive offers for our insureds here. The page is updated almost daily as our team works hard to obtain additional benefits for you constantly.

In Old Georgian language the word "ARDI (არდი)" means - the sun.
Also, it expresses the abbreviation RD standing for the Research & Development.

Currently you can buy 3 types of insurances at our online store:

  • VITAMINS by ARDI - Health Insurance for individuals or families
  • TRAVEL Insurance - for outbound tourists
  • WELCOMER - for the visitors coming in Georgia

Our digital projects team are working hard, that you were able to buy online many other type of insurance products as well - easily and comfortably.

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We are very happy about it! You are more than welcomed to share your interesting resume (CV) at following e-mail address: hr@ardi.ge
Please keep in mind that only very interesting, constantly evolving, humble and kind-hearted people can become ARDIANS, as we strongly believe that ARDI is alike to Us - individually and together.

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